Yeah, Sun did sleep with that other guy in Korea. I love Lost, so stay cool because it's just a game. The two argued, and Sun slapped her husband, furtherly straining their marriage. For the South Korean singer, see, Fictional character of the TV series Lost,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 11:14. They attended the dual funeral where Sun spotted a sailboat off shore. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Sun remained close to Hurley, who visited her in Korea after she gave birth to her daughter Ji Yeon. She and Jin once again traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik. She later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack calling the freighter for rescue. She learns that it was merely a staged act, planned by Sawyer. Hurley accused Sawyer, but Sun defended him, reminding everyone of when the Others attacked her. Jin was overly protective multiple times, such as when he told Sun to button her shirt or when he refused to let a fellow survivor under their shelter during a rainstorm. Inside the sub, Jack discovers C-4 in his pack, realizing the Man in Black set them up. When Jack's appendicitis mandated surgery, Sun led an expedition to retrieve equipment from the Staff, where she discussed Daniel and Charlotte with Jin and showed him the ultrasound on which she'd seen their baby. At her audition she explained she spoke fluent Korean, having been raised in South Korea, where she had starred in several movies. They talked that night around the fire, and Sun told the newcomers about "Locke" and the candidates. In the season finale, Sun manages to get on the helicopter piloted by Lapidus, where the rest of the Oceanic Six are already seated. "Sun-Hwa Paik" is a Westernised form; in Korean, her name is 백선화 (Paik Sun-Hwa). Yeah, Sun getting an aphasia that meant she could no longer speak English was pretty convenient from a storytelling perspective (and pretty stupid all around). LOST Recap, Season 6, Episode 14: “The Candidate” by Katelyn Moy Lapham May 5th . Sun is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. First Sun went with Jin to Sydney on the way to Los Angeles for a business errand. Only Kate and Jack know about this. Sun took this money from her father, and he held Jin liable for the debt, using him for increasingly shady work. Jin-Soo Kwon was born on 27 November 1974 in Namhae, South Korea to a poor fisherman and a prostitute, the latter of which abandoned Jin and his father during his infancy. Angry at Sawyer, Sun slapped him and gave him Nikki's diamonds, explaining that they had no value on the island. Sun flew to Los Angeles, and Widmore sent a gun and Ben's surveillance footage to her hotel. She took him to Jack in the Hatch and after a short wait reunited on the beach with Jin. Sawyer does so, not trusting Jack, but increases the timer. Sun experienced morning sickness on the boat, but was valuable while sailing. Yes, pretty much nothing happened. Sun confronts Juliet, who reminds her that she has to get off the island in three weeks, or else she is dead. Jin believes he is on the island because he is being punished. Sun is the last character, chronologically to be seen in ", Sun is one of the five main characters not seen at the. Sun creates a garden in the jungle, where she grows a variety of different herbs and fruit plants. Sun and Jin had been happily discussing baby names the night previously, but this news temporarily divided them. 27 (at time of death) They reached the ruined statue where she jokingly asked Richard for alcohol. By Christine Fenno. Later, Sun learned of Jae Lee's death and attended his funeral. Even though he was not sure about being Jin's father, the fisherman raised Jin, knowing that no one else would. Jin's heritage is recognized by th… She is later visited by Hurley, and the two visit Jin's grave, where Sun says that she misses him and was calling for him during labor, knowing that he wasn't there. #MyFavoriteOceanicCouple She began thinking she could be pregnant, and when she watched Aaron, Sun said mothers shouldn't leave their children, sounding odd when she then admitted to Claire she had none of her own. ("Buried Secrets")  ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("Exodus, Part 1"), Upon arriving on the Island, Sun and Jin separated themselves from the others. They helped reconstruct the Hatch's ping pong table, and Sun suggested Sawyer must give up nicknames for a week if he lost a tournament. Jin had since been told that his mother died when he was young. 2007 (Day 12) Ilana then arrived with John Locke's dead body, unnerving Sun and prompting her to ask who had been using his form. Sun-Hwa Kwon From what I've heard Daniel Dae Kim did not speak a word a Korean before Lost. When “Lost” viewers last saw Daniel Dae Kim’s Jin, he was standing on a freighter that exploded, as his wife, Sun, watched from a helicopter. Jin once came home with bloodstained hands revealing his work's nature. Hurley almost caught her taking it, but she then watched its result with Kate. Yunjin Kim (born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and ... Born: November 7, 1973 Sun is one of the Korean names for the facets of the I Ching, which is the basis for the, When Sun was married, if she followed an old tradition of Korean women, her title would be. Sun tended to the injured mother and helped lead the Losties to the caves for protection against the mysterious "Others". ("Ji Yeon"), Years later, Sun approached Charles Widmore in London about their "common interests." She also revealed Jin was infertile but claimed she'd never cheated on him, convincing Jin the pregnancy was a miracle.

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